Expert IT Training Services

 book11book7 Our training services focus on creating real world solutions. We do this by providing experienced instructors, creating realistic training scenarios, and building your confidence to perform on the job. We teach the application of technology, not theory. This means every class is hands on and immediately applicable in the workplace.
Our extensive background in Oracle, UNIX, and information systems has equipped us with the solid foundation to teach you and your staff the basics of common software programs or to train you to develop, administer, and manage complex information systems.
Through our partnerships with Oracle Corporation and Vincennes University, you have access to the latest technical training from industry experts, and most of our classes are available for college credit.

We Offer

  • Small student/instructor ratio for personalized instruction
  • Individual workstations for hands-on practice
  • Guest speakers who share their real world experiences
  • Access to our instructors after class through a help line
  • Remote access and lab time for extra practice
  • Free retakes for the lifetime and availability of the class

About Our Courses

The course curriculum that we offer covers most areas in which we have significant technical experience. The courses developed and instructed by us are based on real world experience, and are taught in a manner in which students can prepare to perform on the job, as well as take certification exams. All courses taught by us are hands-on with progressive real world examples and exercises. Knowledge and experience gained through our training is immediately applicable to the job after each training session in each class. Since 1997, we have authored more than 20 distinct courses that are taught commercially and offered to the public for open enrollment on a regular basis. © 2005 Netstar Systems, Inc., all rights reserved.
Netstar Systems, Inc. 2050 Collins Blvd., Suite 106 Richardson, Texas 75080 (800)888-8888

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